Going From Bad Cook to Decent Cook

When it comes to being an outstanding cook, some talent is involved. Some people are just naturally have better taste buds and can detect things the average person can’t. However, to be a good cook, all it really takes is practice.

Cooking is a skill and like any skill, it can be improved through practice.

Let’s say you’re horrible at cooking. What should you do to become better? Where should you start?

First things first, let’s define what we’re trying to do. Cooking is the process of combining ingredients. There are lots of details but that’s basically what cooking is.

To go from a bad cook to a decent cook, all you really need to do is know what ingredients to combine and how to combine them. This would be quite a challenge if you had to figure out the combination of meals from scratch since there are so many possibilities.

Fortunately, there are recipes. Recipes are like the combination to locks. Someone has figured out which ingredients work together, how they should be combined and have written them down so other people can do what they did.

In short, to go from a bad cook to a decent cook, all you need to do is follow the instructions a good recipe gives you. It doesn’t matter how bad of a cook you are, if a good cook was standing right next to you and told you exactly what to do, it’s hard to mess things up.

If this is the case, how do people end up with bad tasting food? They either didn’t follow the recipe exactly (missing ingredients, wrong order, wrong cooking duration, etc.) or they didn’t have a recipe.

What many people do is improvise recipes they’ve never perfected. This often leads to bad meals. Before you start experimenting with dishes, master a few first. From there, you can tweak them. Making changes before you could even cook a meal the right way can often lead to plates being pushed away.

It used to be you’d have to go to a book store to get recipes or have someone write it down but these days, you can find the recipe to just about anything online. A great resource for finding recipes is AllRecipes.com. From simple dishes to more complicated ones, you can learn to cook just about anything you can think of.

To get beyond being a decent cook, you’ll need to get good at various cooking techniques. Many recipes will simply say things like brown this or saute that without going into details. To learn these techniques including food preparation methods such as chopping and dicing, you can look up videos online that show you exactly what to do. These skills can take some time to get really good at.

For beginners, choose a dish or two you like and master it. That way, at the very least, if you are every asked to make something, you have those dishes to rely on. For almost all dishes, if you cook it enough times, you’ll get good at it. You may have to go through a few throwaways but you’ll get it down eventually.

From there, simply learn to cook more dishes. If you know enough, you’ll be able to get to the point where you can open a fridge, look at the ingredients, and be able to know what meals you can make out of them.

Being a good cook isn’t something reserved for those with talent. Anyone can become a good cook with the right recipes and enough practice. The tough part is putting in the practice so perhaps these motivational words might help in that aspect.

Get your cook on!

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